Mercie grew up in upstate New York where she played outdoors all summer, used her imagination, loved the sound of crickets, and developed her first roll of film in her high school’s dark room.

She left upstate for the desert where she studied communication at UNLV, fell in love with the pink mountains, took countless road trips, and wondered if she could be a photographer some day.

After graduation, she stopped in San Francisco where she pondered adulthood, explored the city with her camera, and walked her sister’s 130 pound mastiff up and down the hills of North Beach.

New York City beckoned and she began her career at Conde Nast: first at The New Yorker then at Conde Nast Corporate Creative. She loved it. Then she didn’t. Again she wondered if she could be a photographer.

A few years later she found herself in Africa immersed in the culture, captivated by the people and their music, and slightly terrified as she camped in the wild. She realized the power of photography and shot copious rolls of film in an attempt to capture the essence of Africa as she had come to know it. She decided it was time to be a photographer.                           

Mercie often day dreams about traveling the world with her camera, perfecting homemade bread, and singing in a jazz club. She loves camping in the desert, banh mi, Japan, ice cold beer, and crossword puzzles. Mercie lives in Los Angeles in a sunny bungalow with her hilarious husband and their spunky little girl.



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