The Anganwadi Project

In February 2014 I visited Tekra - the largest slum community in Ahmedabad, India - where I photographed the children, teachers, and families that make up The Anganwadi Project.

The Anganwadi Project designs and builds ‘anganwadi’ or pre-schools in the slum areas of Ahmedabad, India. They recruit and train Australian design professionals who volunteer their time to live and work in India for 4-6 months to oversee the design and construction of these schools. They work in partnership with Manav Sadhna, (an Indian NGO) who is based in Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram and who carries out Gandhi’s work. In close partnership with the local community, The Anganwadi Project aims to create beautiful, simple and safe spaces in which children can learn, at minimum cost. Over 18% of children do not receive any formal education at all and children from these poor families often lack proper nutrition: more than 43% of children in India are malnourished. Everyday Manav Sadhna provides the anganwadi children with two nutritious meals. The food is prepared by Manav Sadhna in the community kitchen where Gandhi and his fellow Freedom Fighters prepared and served food.

This is a photographic journey of the people of Tekra and The Anganwadi Project as I saw it: A vibrant community filled with life, love, and hope despite surmounting obstacles.
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